Wooden Fine Carving Elephants and Ambabari



"Wooden Fine Carving Elephants and Ambabari "

We offer a wide range of Hand carved wooden elephants created using traditional methods. We have  a collection of decorative wooden elephantstatue mostly carved from wood and decorated using carved, plain carving, antique finish. Our hand carved elephants are crafted from a single piece of kadam wood block. Wood carving in India is a traditional art which is passed on by master craftsmen. 

Carving involves shaping wood to make objects of utility and chiseling parts of wood to form intricate designs, with the help of hand tools. Indian craftsmen carve a wide range of wooden handicrafts like Animals, birds, toys, Wooden carved elephants, jali elephants, wooden owlSculpture, wooden carving peacock, wooden Tortoise , Shikar carving elephant ,Wooden Lion. We make hand carved Decorative Elephants, undercut owl, Wood elephant figurine and other small wooden carved Animals statues.

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