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M&R Handicrafts prides itself on being the ultimate combination of Quality, Service & Value. We have a wide range of Handicrafts items from various part of india. We are a team of Master Craftsman & Best Artists with generations of experience in Indian Handicrafts.

Handicrafts Designing & Manufacturing is an art which wants a great Experience along with very hard practical training to be a Master, We have both the Qualities, which make us to deliver the Best Quality products in Guaranteed Reasonable prices. 

M&R Handicrafts is the Largest Art Place of Authentic Art in the country, which is the perfect showcase of the traditional Indian art and crafts. It is unique in the sense that each and every foreign dignitary visiting India makes it a point to visit the M&R Handicrafts. Following are its major attributes:

  • Most authentic source of traditional Indian art
  • Largest collection of products 
  • Most popular among foreign tourists 
  • Offering artists, artisans and craftsmen the most viable and direct access to the markets 
  • Securing the future of artisans and craftsmen who otherwise would fade into oblivion
  • The stamp of ethnicity, authenticity and quality 
  • Instrumental in reviving age-old Indian crafts 
  • Offers the best value for money and complete shopping experience

We Hope your visit to M&R Handicrafts will be a productive and Informative One.

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Artisans at work: Mahesh Jangid with his two sons, Mohit and Rohit
Carving Without Bounds: Mr. Mahesh Jangid with one of his Intricate Carving.
Using minuscule tools called ulis, the Jangid Family is Carving Incredibly intricate miniatures.
Carving Minuscule Scenes & Figures on Sandalwood is a Jangid Family Tradition.
Sandalwood JHAROKHA. (Decorative Piece)
Sandalwood Carved ASHRAM. (Village Scene)

Sandalwood Carving Artists : Mr. Mahesh Jangid & Son's

Awards & Achievements

  • National Award Winner 1993

  • State Award Winner

  • State Award Winner 2007

  • Kala Shri Award

  • National Award Certificate

  • Limca Book of record 1997

  • Limca Book of record 1998

  • Global World Record holder

  • Artisan Card (Ministry Of Textile India)

  • Artisan Card (Ministry Of Textile India)

  • former CM of Rajasthan

  • (Ministry Of Textile India)

  • National Award Ceremony

  • Rohit Jangid Receiving State Award

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