Sandalwood Carved BUDDHA JHAROKHA

This is a Fine Sandalwood Carved Decorative piece & on the Centre of this Jharokha created a Temple of Shri Ram with his Family. This is An Total Hand Carved piece. Details of JHAROKHA Scene: There are 7 Buddha figures with all different proportions

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<span style="\&quot;color:rgb(192," 0,="" 0);="" font-size:24px\"="">The Jharokha is a type of overhanging enclosed balcony used in Indian Architecture, typically Rajputana Architecture, Mughal Architecture, and Rajasthani Architecture. Jharokhas jutting forward from the wall plane could be used both for adding to the architectural beauty of the building itself or for a specific purpose. One of the most important functions it served was to allow women in purdah to see the events outside without being seen themselves. 


The projected Jharokha is an essential element of Rajasthani Architecture, both as decoration and as a viewing platform. The Jharokha increases protection from both the summer sun and monsoon rain. Jharokhas are mainly used in Palaces, Havelis and Temples.


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