About IWCCS- International Wood Carvers Culture Society


M&R Handicrafts -हस्तकला केन्द्र is a member of the IWCCS

What is IWCCS?

The International Wood Carvers Culture Society (IWCCS) is a non-profit and non-governmental international network of wood enthusiasts; dedicated to the research, education and promotion of wood carving culture. We Help to Identify and Recognise the Faceless Wood Carvers. We Create Opportunities for Our Wood Carvers. IWCCS is an contribution to save our Traditional Wood Carving Culture. One Small act of Kindness can Save our Wood Carving Culture for Next Generation.


Our Mission is to:

  •     Promote wood as a good eco-friendly material and encourage the responsible uses of wood.
  •     Develop the theory of wood culture by studying the value and usage of wood from a cultural perspective.
  •     Provide platforms to wood carvers to share and explore wood culture.
  •     Telling success stories of wood carvers to motivate next generation about wood Carving.
  •     Provide wood carving Workshops to teach wood carving techniques and Tools.

For more information you can visit- www.iwccs.com